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I had a rough childhood to say the least. I was always trying to escape from reality in any way that I could. My best escape was always the softball field. As long as I was between foul lines, I was safe. I began to seek my value and identity in how well I could perform on the field, or court, or trail. I started participating in any kind of sporting activity I could because that’s who I was.

Well, when I was eighteen I started “getting sick.” Outrageous migraines and dizziness. All physical activity came to a dead halt while I was trying to get this under control. A year went by and things got worse. It was the spring of my nineteenth year when I found out I may have an autoimmune disease (which has now been identified as Lupus).

I went through a major identity crisis, I lost everything I was passionate about since exercising was completely out of the picture for me. As time went on, my mental health started to decline drastically. In the fall of last year I woke up at rock bottom: bad break up, moving back home, dropped out of school, and I had no love for myself anymore. Slowly day by day I fought to find myself again. Everyday I work hard to be a better version of myself. I am learning who I am in Christ. I am learning about the things in life that I truly care about, and am starting to finally go after my passions.

On my site you’ll find a variety of different subjects: Lots of lessons I’ve learned on my journey, information and support on mental health and wellness, tips on self-love and development, and information pertaining to starting up your own business with an emphasis on network marketing. I look forward to taking you with me on this journey to living Life Unreserved.

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