What is Monat? Monat is a naturally based haircare line that’s clinically proven to boost hair growth and improve follicle strength, luster, and vitality. In our ingredients, you won’t find silicones, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, or paraffin wax, or any other harmful chemicals, colors, or fragrances, and we are cruelty free.

Why did you join? I first joined Monat in November of 2018 because I was having significant hair loss from my Lupus and as I told my friend, whom I now work with, “I was searching for something more.” I had my first hair growth in over three years just two months after starting Monat, and I have made so many new friends and grown mentally and spiritually in ways I didn’t know I could.

How do I join? There are three different ways to start you Monat journey:

Spend Money. You can buy whatever you want as a retail customer. No perks. Just the best hair money can buy.

Save Money. Become a VIP customer. What does that mean? Save 15%, free shipping, free products, access to flash sales, $25 coupon on your birthday, $20 credit for every friend you refer.

Make Money. You can start your own business for as little as $199. Save 30%, free shipping, free products, access to flash sales, rank for a paid for company car and free vacations, work on your own time from anywhere with the most amazing group of men and women.

To sign up: email me if you want to talk first and we can get coffee! ( or if you’re ready to sign up go to my website or take my hair quiz:

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